Esperanza del Sol


Largest palm grove in Europe

With 200,000 palms. In the palm garden you will find one very special palm tree, the Palmera Imperial (Imperial Palm Tree). This palm tree is the only one in the world with seven trunks and resembles a candelabra in appearance. According to history, Princess Sissi fell in love with Elche in 1894 thanks to this palm tree. Besides this imperial palm tree, there are other palm trees with names, usually these palm trees are named after local and national heroes out of honor



Historic Center Amphitheater: A first amphitheater was built in the 1st century BCE, during the reign of Emperor Augustus. The amphitheater that remains visible today was probably built around 70 AD, during the reign of Vespasian. The building could seat about 11,000 spectators, making it one of the largest amphitheaters in the province of Hispania Castles: Cartagena has 4 castles, 3 of which have been restored to their original state. Wonderful to see Port and beach: main port of Spain with large cruise ships. Unspoiled coves and beaches , a port city made great by its mineral-rich mountain areas.Along the entire coastline of the Costa Cálida you can find 90 shipwrecks, most of them off the coast of Cartagena. Shopping: famous brands such as Lois Vuitton, Prada, Chanel and many small cute boutique`s Nightlife: bars, clubs, theater, cinema, concerts, jazz and blue`s cafe`s.

Les Fonts D'algar En Guardalest

Are you looking for something special and love nature? Then it is definitely a must to visit the waterfalls of Algar and the mountain village of Guadelest. Both are high on the tourist list of visits,but is therefore worth visiting Les Fonts d'Algar, located just 15 km from Benidorm, in the direction of Bolulla, constitute a natural area with a high degree of conservation of ecological and endowed wealth. This space was declared a Wet Zone protected by an agreement of the Government of Valencia of September 10, 2002. The visit consists of a circuit of 1.5 km long in the course of the river Algar ("cave" in Arabic) to see the landscape of the characteristic modeling of the limestone rock: the spectacular waterfalls; the numerous springs that emerge from the rock; the pools of water at various levels where you can take refreshing baths of pure and crystal clear water, formerly considered a "source of health"; the old dam, the imposing canal and the eternal ditches that are still in use. These waterfalls are a great tourist attraction, among both foreigners and Spaniards. There are the following facilities: tourist office, parking lots, restrooms, first aid, Arboretum, the picnic area and a campground . To all this we must add the Dino Park Algar, as well as the 5 restaurants that exist nearby, where you can enjoy the most delicious tapas.

The salt lakes of Torrevieja / La Mata

The salt lakes of Torrevieja / La Mata are located in a protected nature reserve. This nature reserve has been declared a bird nature reserve and is home to many bird species. They are the oldest and largest salt lakes in Europe. The park is ideal for walkers and cyclists, for both there is a route with clear indications. The walking route is about 3 km long and the cycling route has a distance of about 6 km. One can do bird watching in several places and picnic tables and seating have been placed in several places. The salt lakes have a lot of benefit for people who have problems with their skin, rheumatism, arthritis due to their healing properties. To which a healing mud bath or dip in the lake has a positive effect.The salt lakes of Torrevieja and La Mata have been placed on the UNESCO list by the WHO ( world health organization). Lagunas de La Mata y Torrevieja National Park consists of two salt lakes. La salina de Torrevieja is 1,400 hectares and has a length of 5.5 kilometers. Due to its high salinity, the lake is an ideal habitat for a microscopic alga that causes the pink color of the lake. Tip: If you like to swim (read: float) in the lake, take a bottle of water with you to rinse off the salt deposits on your body afterwards.


Benidorm is a seaside resort on the Spanish coast (the Costa Blanca). Benidorm is located 41 kilometers from Alicante. The city has 66,642 inhabitants (2016). Formerly a small fishing village, Benidorm is now one of the most famous seaside resorts in Europe. As a result, the population can exceed 500,000 in summer. The historic center of Benidorm is located on a promontory that separates the two largest beaches. These are the Levante beach (the "new" Benidorm) and the Poniente beach (the "old" Benidorm). The historic center is the old fishing village. Benidorm has a third - smaller - beach: Mal Pas.