Esperanza del Sol

Cycling and hiking routes

Orihuela Costa is located between Torrevieja and Mil Palmeras.
It is part of the southern part of the Costa Blanca.
Hence, the climate is wonderful for cycling, as there are more than 300 days of sunshine per year.

The great thing about the biking or hiking trails on Orihuela Costa is that they take you between the mountains of salt and the salt lakes of Torrevieja. On the other side, you cycle past citrus orchards and fertile fields.
The route also often goes a bit between hillsides and golf courses.
But also along the Mediterranean Sea, where you can enjoy the warm sea breeze while cycling.
On your tour of the villages in the Orihuela Costa area, you will discover more the small villages of the interior.

If you're hungry, be sure to enjoy the many tapas bars along the way.
Some bike lanes run on paved roads. Others are really separate lanes for cyclists and pedestrians.
If you go up more toward Orihuela city, a mountain bike may be useful. The region there is hilly.
Also around the Embalse de Pedrera the azure lake is the setting.
Many of the bicycle routes are spectacular.

Cycling routes Orihuela Costa

At the tourist office there are a number of bike routes mapped out on the Orihuela Costa . They have made beautiful maps for it and they are available in English and Spanish.
You'll find a tourist office in City Hall near La Flamenca urbanization and one in La Zenia Boulevard shopping center.
Campoamor - Cabo Roig - La Zenia Route

This bike route is in one of the new directories of Orihuela Costa. They have divided the cycling routes into three separate routes.
Feel free to drive it at one stretch.
You can also turn off at any beach or bay that borders the Mediterranean Sea and enjoy the beautiful panorama and fresh sea air.

Number one route is the tour of Dehesa de Campoamor. Number two is the Cabo Roig route. Then number three: the Zenia cycling route.

Route Dehesea de Camoamor

This bicycle route is 1 140 meters long. It connects the N 332 old connecting road from Torrevieja to Mil Palmeras.
The bike route goes through Orihuela Costa and the urbanization of Campoamor.
You drive past the health center, following the bike path toward the seafront promenade.
The route follows Calle de Mar and Calle de Fuego.
Important here is that cyclists have a separate lane on the boulevard. From here you have a magnificent view of the Mar Menor and the mountains of Cartagena behind.

You can now continue along the Cabo Roig bike trail or return to Avenida el Cabo.
This bike route is also recommended as a walking route.

The Cabo Roig bike route

This bike route is slightly longer. Namely, 2,820meter. This route connects the coast via Cabo Roig.
We definitely recommend it because you bike along the beautiful little port of Cabo Roig. Also as a stop this is a nice place. There are restaurants under the road and beach bars on the beautiful beach .

Caleta beach is one of the popular beaches. You can enjoy the protection of the rocks there in winter and summer.
It used to be the place for Spaniards to enjoy the sea and the sun.
Now it is popular with Belgians, Dutch and Scandinavians.

La Zenia Bike Trail

This bicycle route is the longest of the three namely 2420 meters .
Of course, as already mentioned, you can merge the routes or hike them as well.
Sometimes the bike paths are a stretch of the seawall and also for walkers.
Of course, this then also implies that you have to be considerate of hikers.

La Zenia bike route runs along Calle de Colon via the road to the Paseo de Mar or seawall.
On the Paseo de Mar, you can make stops to enjoy the beaches of Calle Bosque and La Zenia beach.
On the route you will also find several beach bars and small restaurants.

Bike also along Calle Antonio to the fantastic La Zenia shopping boulevard, this street you have to share with the cars . And since the arrival of the shopping center, the connecting road can be very busy.
You can then cycle back to Dehesa de Campamor on the bike path that lies next to the N 332.

Bike path from Torrevieja to Mil Palmeras and beyond

There is a bike path from Torrevieja South that runs right next to the N 332. It runs through Orihuela Costa, passing through the different neighborhoods. The bike path runs through Punta Prima, to La Flamenca, so to La Zenia, Cabo Roig, Campamor and Mil Palmeras.
Once you arrive at Mil Palmeras, you can continue to follow the bike path to Pilar de La Horada and reach Lo Pagan and the Mar Menor. At the Mar Menor, there is a bike path that runs right along the Mar Menor.
This bike path will take you quite a while, it is about 60 kilometers long.
Between Cabo Roig and Mil Palmeras it can sometimes be difficult for inexperienced cyclists in terms of slopes, otherwise the bike path runs flat.